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I just got turned down as a blogger by a big pagan website. The very nice and gentle email said they already had a blogger that covered all the same subjects as mine. So I checked our her blog. Not only was does her blog overlap mine pretty significantly (though not the same!) her blog is BETTER.

Better because she actually writes about her opinions and experiences. Better because she's not afraid to write about her opinions.

My target audience is local cooks and gardeners, but also pagans. In the spring when I was experimenting with Twitter I participated in a food policy twitter party about "reaching beyond the choir". That conversation really challenged me to think outside the people who already get it. Who can I reach? Who do I want to reach? What do I feel passionately about?

Well, I feel passionate about reaching out to the pagan community about local food, gardening, and environmentalism as a way to plant your feet in the earth. So passionately I want to write a book about it. So passionately I'm paying a pagan festival to teach classes about it. 

So why aren't I writing about it on my blog, which is supposed to be my space? #1 reason is that I'm afraid of scaring away my local readers. Even though I'm about as "out" as it's possible to be, I don't want to write a pagan blog about gardening and local food. I want to write a local food and gardening blog written by a pagan. Don't I? Or maybe that's why my blog is growing so slowly, because I'm fence-sitting... too afraid to scare away either "audience" so I only write about concrete subjects, never offer opinions or editorials. I can't find a happy balance.

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