Madrun (madrun) wrote,

General update

Sometimes I forget that this whole LJ thing is also for me to actually, you know, journal. So I can look back and see what's happened.

I got the job and turned it down. I accepted the assistant's position, it's 5 hours per week and I'm only responsible for social media, event coordination for festivals, and the occasional weekend if the market manager is sick. It's $9 per hour, which is pitifully low, but the entire yearly budget for the market is only $15K. Mostly it's about making connections.

In two weeks I'm running an artsci faire, handing over two offices, and taking an apprentice, all in one day. I'm ridiculously excited. 

I'm trying not to get frustrated about the slow growth of my blog. If I devoted more time to marketing, SEO, networking, maintenance- all the bullshit that I hate- then I would probably be much farther along. I just keep trying new things.

Every extra brain cell is devoted to the garden. I think every dime I make at this extra job's going to go towards the garden too. 

The kids are all doing well. I can't wait for Alex to start adult ed classes. We bought a second car so we'll have 2 cars until my van finally kicks the bucket. Jim's computer business is still limping along while they pour incredible amounts of time and energy into it. Jim's also switching jobs, from a dead-end job in a big company to a management position in a tiny company with slightly better pay and much better prospects. He's pouring his heart and soul into his company though and I hope he can quit the full-time job soon and devote all of his time to his company. 

I can't believe how late it is. 

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