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This event was a whirlwind.

Spent Friday shopping, packing, cooking and baking. Made herb goat cheese dip, fresh pear & sage turkey breakfast sausage meat, and a gluten-free mocha fudge bundt cake. Picked Elizabeth up early from school, ran more errands, got home, finished packing the car with the kids, and left for site. 

Got to site, unpacked, trolled in, bunks made and curtains hung... and hid in my curtained-off bunk bed reading while the party rolled around me for a couple of hours. After dark I finally got into garb, delivered my contribution to a member of the Barony's vigil spread, hung out at the vigil a bit, visited in the feast hall, wandered back to the cabin, and stayed up until well after midnight chatting on the porch.

Woke up at 5:15am. Tried to put on Roman garb by myself, failed, woke costuming laurel on the other side of the cabin to help me. Packed the car. Drove to Margi's cabin to have my hair done, cabin was pitch black and full of snoring people. Whispering accomplished nothing. Gave up and went to the hall. Made 2 gallons of chai from scratch, set up tables, sent friends to town for everything I forgot, set up paperwork, started registering people's projects. Wrangled artisans and judges through the whole process of running four competitions simultaneously with 22 projects instead of the expected 12 with one helper, my deputy. 

At 11am another fighter brought Alex in, he'd gotten overheated, had no breakfast, and received a blow to the diaphram and thrown up on the field. Thankfully he'd gotten his helmet off first. Fended off over-excited friends who wanted to drop ice down his pants. Got him settled, cooled off, eventually drinking and eating. He went back to the cabin and slept for the rest of the afternoon. 

Yelled, reminded, announced, and nagged everyone to drop their beads for populace choice. Caught up on paperwork. Ate lunch. Drank too much tea. Finally closed up the artsci faire, tallied everything, submitted court cards, and cleaned everything up. Went to court, handed out the prizes, handed off both offices, and received a second Tradewinds, which was very awesomely unexpected. Stayed through court. 
roman photo 093012
Then it was into the kitchen to set up for feast, where I was staging leftovers for the kitchen crew. Got through feast. Immediately back to the cabin, where student #2 had made dinner in his little portable kitchen rig on the back porch. Scarfed down delicious dinner, realized he had given no thought to how to clean up or wash dishes, so student #1 and I rigged a wash station, washed all the dishes and cleaned up. I gathered up the bundt cake and decorations and towed everyone in the cabin in my wake back to the hall to make ganache, decorate the cake, deliver it to the zombie party, open the bottle of wine, and then swept everyone back to the cabin.

Saturday night was one of those perfect SCA nights. We had a little crowd on our cabin back porch, not too many, a few new-to-me people, and everyone just... clicked. We told SCA "no shit there I was" stories for a long time. The Queen and her retinue came over, stayed a bit, and wandered off again. Student #1 regaled everyone with "How I met Madhavi" stories, which made me laugh until tears were running down my face, then I belted him. It was laughing and crying and private, just with a few people as witnesses, just the way we both wanted it. I drank a bottle of wine and smoked too many cigarettes, made new acquaintances, got to know some people a whole lot better, and was reminded over and over just how small and wonderful this world is. I finally staggered off to bed at 3am.

And woke up at 7:30 to harangue, cajole, and terrorize the kids into helping me pack everything up from the hall and cabin and get it in the car. We left site at 9am exactly and got to the airport to pick up Jim with 10 minutes to spare.

And then promptly got sick Sunday night. Wonder why?
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