Madrun (madrun) wrote,

One Obsession

In the past few months I have made a new realization about myself. I have discovered a new thing.

I should only have one obsession at a time.

When I started looking into permaculture techniques a year ago, I was immediately intrigued. Then I got more than intrigued. I stepped off the cliff and started devouring everything I could find. Permaculture design principles fit into the interlocking puzzle in my brain of pagan land use/sanctity of land/local food/gardening/terroir morass like a missing piece in the middle, locking it all together, making it spin off in new and unexpected directions. Big ways. Like "I'm thinking about writing a book" kind of ways. Then we moved into the new house and it's all like this giant playground and endless science experiment and I can try all these new things... and it has completely eaten my brain. I love it, but it's eaten my brain.

It's awfully hard to concentrate on a feast when there's compost to be turned. It's awfully hard to concentrate on writing reports for work when there are plants and lizards and butterflies beckoning. The garden is taking over my local food blog, that's for sure, and I can't even decide if I want to wrench it back. I'm scaling back everything possible for time in the garden. I'm structuring my weekends around garden projects as much as cooking projects, sometimes more. "The Garden" is now a line item in our monthly household budget.

I'm giving up shoe money for truckloads of mulch, y'all.

Feasts require one's full attention, and usually for me I eat, breathe, and dream about a feast for three months or so. I have the whole thing in my head weeks before the actual event, the whole cohesive vision plus all the little details. Here I am 3 weeks before the feast and I have done almost nothing. Yeah there's a menu, I've done most of the recipe testing, I've sourced most of the ingredients... but I haven't done the back-brain simmering, the obsessive pricing and budgeting, none of the gruntwork writing that a feast needs to run well and for me to be able to be on top of it when the unexpected happens. 'cause the unexpected always happens. The feast has always been my sole obsession.

So, from now until November 9th, I need to eat, breathe, and dream this feast as much as possible. The workshops for the pagan gathering I could teach tomorrow. They need very little prep work. I have one project to finish and then I'll be in a good pausing place with the garden for a few weeks. This feast needs a lot of love and attention and work between now and then. 'cause this one has to be the best feast I've ever done.
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I am beyond bummed that I can't come eat your feast. BEYOND BUMMED.

I am afraid the next time we see one another will be Gulf Wars, and that sucks.
It really, really does. :(

At least we have LJ, right?
I really really really need to call you. I tried last night while the Boss was in a board meeting, but I got roped into taking minutes. And tonight I have Shire business meeting, and tomorrow is hell (she's out of town and John is in Denver for a doctor's appointment, so I have the reference desk with no break for nine hours). Can you talk after ten (your time) tonight or tomorrow?

I have questions and thoughts.
Yes, especially tonight. I get off work at 6pm and then go straight out to the farmer's market annual governing board elections/meeting, so I should be home around then. Want me to call you at 10pm sharp?
I feel cursed. I fell asleep on the couch last night and didn't see this till this morning, and then wanted to call you before work but my phone died and I didn't have time to charge it at home, and forgot the charger so it's still dead (and couldn't call in any case). I am going to call you the MINUTE I'm done with dinner tonight, and the hell with anything else that's going on.

John is stopping on the way back from Denver at the giant verdulería in Springs to look for epazote.
What if you tried to theme your feast around things from your garden? Does that help or does that make it worse?
I should have explained "feast" a little better. This is a medieval feast for the SCA, and the theme is pre-columbian Mayan. I wish I could have grown more of the ingredients myself, that would have been awesome! But alas, the really weird things I tried to grow failed (chaya and epazote) and I didn't have enough ground broken to try anything else. And I'm feeding 150 people.

I would love to find more ways to tie the two together though, thank you for the suggestion!