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As I said in the last post, I've gained 20 pounds since I quit smoking. I have a very good diet. We eat tons of vegetables, healthy meat, and almost all of our treats are homemade and loaded with good fats, fruit, and whole grains. I just eat too much. My "full" sensation seems to be broken. I overeat to the point of discomfort at almost every meal, and yet I'm still somehow hungry. Lately this has been downright alarming.  I always want sugar as soon as I get home, then eat dinner, then have a "treat" later in the evening. I snack while I'm cooking dinner. I know this has something to do with sugar since my sugar cravings/overeating tapered off while I was doing the paleo diet.

My acupuncturist's theory is that other parts of my life aren't "feeding" me, so I'm using food to fulfill unmet needs. That's probably pretty accurate but other areas of my life aren't going to change and I'm really unhappy at this weight. My clothes don't fit and dammit, I have cute clothes. I feel unhealthy.

Yesterday I purchased a one-month yoga studio membership coupon to jump-start my only exercise love. Hot yoga, here I come! I still ride my bike to work and back as much as possible, even running errands on my bike on my days off. Between that and the fact that I'm working in the garden for hours and hours on my days off, I feel like I get a moderate amount of exercise.

I quit smoking after 20 years. Next to that, losing weight should be easy. Ideas, suggestions and encouragement welcome!
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